Back to School

Friday, August 24 – Meet the Teacher and Used Uniform Sale
This day provides you and your child the opportunity to meet teachers, visit classrooms and drop off classroom supplies.  The classrooms will be open for visits between 1-3 pm.  The Uniform Sale will also take place between 1-3 pm.

Monday, August 27 – First Day: Mass (without Kindergarten) 11:30 am Dismissal

Since you will already have had the opportunity on Meet the Teacher to visit classrooms and meet with the teachers, students are asked to be in the classroom and seated by the 8:00 am bell. Please wear your assigned Monday uniform on the first day.  PE Days are:

K – Tuesday & Friday

1st grade – Monday & Wednesday

2nd grade – Monday & Wednesday

3rd grade – Tuesday & Thursday

4th grade – WednesdayFriday

5th grade – Wednesday & Friday

6th grade – Tuesday & Thursday

7th grade – Monday & Wednesday

8th grade – Tuesday & Thursday