The St. John School Library is officially called the “Hunter Library” in honor of Mrs. Carmelita Hunter, long-time teacher and benefactor of our school. We are pleased to have about 9,000 books, CDs and DVDs for our students and teachers to check out.

Students in grades K-5 come to the library once a week for library lessons and to check out books. Located in the center of the school, the library is accessible to the entire school community for test- taking, research, report writing, studying, reading and tutoring.

The library now has e-books which can be read either in the library or at home. Simply click on the logo below to access the site. To log-in use the following info:

ID: sjestudent

Password: st.m1chael

Click on the book you wish to read and begin reading. If the computer you are using remains idle (you do not turn any pages) for 30 minutes, you will be automatically logged off. You will need to log in again to resume reading. Enjoy reading our e-books!