School Update

Dear St. John Families,

I write to you today to share that thoughtful discussions continue to shape our plans for the fall.  The Return to School Committee will submit our Health Mitigation Plan to the Office of Catholic Schools for review before it is sent to the Virginia Council for Private Education.  We are currently considering various options that include: redesigning appropriate class sizes, reviewing current and potential classroom locations, and minimizing student movement during the instructional day so that we can meet the social distancing requirements set forth by the state of Virginia.  

It will take ingenuity, reflection, and detailed planning but after consultation with the Office of Catholic Schools, we do have the space to accommodate all students, following the guidelines detailed in the Phase 3 model for Reopening Virginia Schools.  Please note that we will be capping class sizes once we meet classroom limits in order to safely provide in-person instruction to all students.  Our faculty will further strengthen their in-person and online instructional capabilities, should the situation present itself again, through 10+ hours of virtual professional development beginning in the middle of July.  Let us all pray that cases in Virginia will continue to trend downwards in the weeks to come so online instruction is not necessary.  Should future challenges present themselves, we will plan to be able to move online seamlessly. Updates will continue over the summer as we finalize our intent to return.

On another note, we have raised we have collected $17, 637 through PayPal and donations. As previously mentioned, a parishioner has graciously offered to match new donations up to $25,000 to bolster tuition assistance. We are hoping to meet our goal. If you are able to make a contribution, I am hopeful that you might find a way to make a donation to take advantage of this generous match. As whatever you donate will be doubled by the match, every donation, no matter how big or small, is especially helpful. If you send in $50, it will give the school $100; your donation of $25 means the school will receive $50.  All money collected will go toward providing a Catholic education for those families who have been impacted the most by circumstances beyond their control.  Deadline to contribute is September 1st. Checks can be made out to St. John the Evangelist Catholic School or you can donate through PayPal.

May we continue to pray, learn, and serve… the vulnerable and less fortunate.


Mr. Macdonald