St. John the Evangelist’s middle school instills students with self-esteem, confidence, and strong morals in a Christ filled environment.

Our school community is a warm and caring environment of students, families, and friends. Students participate in various community service projects: contributing to the local food banks, shelters, and local causes that may arise within the community and parish.

The focus of middle school is twofold. Our curriculum encourages individual creativity as well as presenting challenges to enable the students to become life-long learners.

The curriculum includes Religion, Reading, Language Arts, Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Fine Arts (Art, Music), Health and Physical Education, Computer Education, Library and Foreign Language.

Students must satisfy the following criteria to be place in Algebra I:

Math Composite standardized test score National Percentile: 90 or above
Class grade in Math: 90 or above
Iowa Algebra Aptitude Test results: 80 or above
(Recommended time of testing – May of seventh grade year)
Teacher evaluation/recommendation
(Because the Algebra I course incorporates numerous word problems that students need to solve, a teacher’s recommendation should take into consideration the reading comprehension standardized test score when making a final decision for placement in Algebra I.)

A student who does not meet this criterion must receive a favorable teacher recommendation to be considered for placement in Algebra I.

Prior to entering Algebra I as an eighth grader, the student will have mastered all Diocesan mathematics curriculum for students in grades kindergarten through Pre-Algebra.

Spanish is part of the curriculum in grades K-8. Students in grades 6-8 receive instruction in Spanish each week for 135-180 minutes. By the end of eighth grade a student will have finished an equivalent of first year Spanish and may potentially enter Spanish II in high school if they meet the school’s requirements and successfully meet the World Language Exam assessment score.

Advanced math is provided in grades 5-7 for those students, who are recommended by the teacher, achieve high standardized testing scores, maintain a math grade of 90 or above and, if necessary, meet the requirements for the end of year math placement exam.