Physical Education

God grants us the intellect to know, to care for and to protect the body that houses His image.

For students, this is learned when our school promotes and models lifetime wellness by teaching health concepts and physical fitness activities. As such, physical education is an
integral part of a holistic Catholic educational process. Physical fitness and a healthy lifestyle is an everyday priority. Evidence based research strongly supports improved student
academic outcomes when health, P.E. and wellness strategies are utilized in the school setting. Each promotes the development of confidence, dignity and respect for self and others. Within our Mission, we reinforce Christian values that will promote life-long health and physical and spiritual fitness.

Prayer to St. Sebastian – Patron Saint of Athletes
O Lord, grant us the spirit of fortitude, so that guided by the example of St. Sebastian, we may learn to bear witness to the Christian Faith and patiently support the sufferings of life. Through Christ our Lord. Amen.