Social Studies

“Our faith calls us to work for justice; to serve those in need; to pursue peace; and to defend the life, dignity, and rights of all our sisters and brothers. This is the call of Jesus, the challenge of the prophets, and the living tradition of the Church.”
(Catholic Bishops of the U.S. on 100th Anniversary of Rerum Novarum, November, 1990)

As Catholic educators in the field of social studies, we believe that there is an integral connection between this subject and the social teachings of the Church and of Scripture. It is our privilege and our duty to deepen the awareness of this connection in ourselves and in our
students. In teaching this social studies curriculum, we will explore the rights and duties of
citizenship, the arts and culture of people past and present, the world’s geographic and
environmental features, the economics of the human family, the struggles of the most vulnerable people in society, and the principles of global solidarity and tolerance for differences.

We believe that we are called to teach the value of citizenship as Jesus did when He
spoke of loving our neighbor, hungering and thirsting for justice, and rendering to Caesar the
things that are Caesar’s. In the words of the U. S. Bishops in 1990 “We are called to transform our hearts and our social structures, to renew the face of the earth…As believers we are called to bring our values into the marketplace and the political arena, into community and family life, using our everyday opportunities and responsibilities, our voices and our votes to defend human life, human dignity, and human rights.”