Meet Miss Ceci

Miss Cecilia “Ceci” Galvin teaches music and middle school honors literature. Miss Ceci believes in the subjects she teaches, and in the value of seeing how they have influenced our culture today. Seeing her students view the world in a new way through the lenses of music and literature, and seeing them translate works of the past into the modern era and take lessons from them, makes her proud to be a teacher. She strives to give her classes as much as she can from these subjects that she love so dearly, that they may love them as she does now.

Miss Ceci joined St. John the Evangelist School in August 2014 as a teachers aid for fourth grade. The following year she began teaching music. Prior to teaching at St. John’s, she was writing, choreographing, and directing for St. John’s own TORCH Drama Club.

Miss Ceci holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in English from The College of William and Mary, class of 2014. She earned the Howard Scammon Drama Award from William and Mary.

Aside from teaching, Miss Ceci is a script-writer, choreographer, and director for the TORCH Drama Club, which encompasses many of her passions: writing fiction, creating dances and teaching song, and seeing a piece of art come to life.