Meet Mrs. Copeland

Julie Copeland is the preschool director and a pre-K teacher. The love of Jesus Christ is at the heart of Ms. Copeland’s teaching methods. She daily considers and supports the academic, spiritual and physical well-being of each individual student. She encourages hands-on activities in fine and gross motor development. Her whole child approach nurtures and scaffolds each student from one level of learning to the next. Ms. Copeland enjoys working with each child’s family to support social and academic goals.

Ms. Copeland joined St. John the Evangelist Preschool in September 1995 as a pre-K teacher. Prior to joining SJPS, Ms. Copeland worked as an art teacher for Arlington County Public School, as a private art teacher and as a teacher for Arlington Unitarian Co-Op Preschool

Ms. Copeland earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in sculpture from Virginia Commonwealth University and a Master of Science in education from Old Dominion University. She holds a photography certification from the Center for Photographic Studies in Louisville, KY.

Ms. Copeland is the parent of six adults and grandparent of six grandchildren. She has numerous cats and two dogs. Ms. Copeland also enjoys travel, art, photography, reading, philosophy and theology.