Meet Mrs. Reder

Mrs. Magaly Reder is the Spanish Teacher for grades 5-8. Consistent with the World Languages Curriculum Objectives of the Arlington Diocese, Mrs. Reder will facilitate the successful completion of the Level 1 high school curriculum at the conclusion of the eighth grade. While reinforcing English grammar, students will develop the ability to communicate meaningfully in Spanish. She believes that high expectations, teacher support, and self-motivation affords every child the opportunity to succeed to the best of their ability.

Mrs. Reder is a native of Bogotá, Colombia, and has lived in New York and Wisconsin. She moved to Warrenton, Virginia in 1990 with her husband and 6 children.  While her children attended St. John in the ’90s, Mrs. Reder started the Spanish program here at St. John under the leadership of Sister Annamae Murphy.  Mrs. Reder has taught all levels of Spanish through AP Literature for the past 28 years. 

She is a graduate of UMW in Fredericksburg and earned her MA in Education /Foreign Language from Va. Tech. Mrs. Reder was awarded a trip to Salamanca, Spain by the Spanish Embassy in DC and was a nominee for Hispanic Teacher of the year for Wakefield High School, an Immersion High School in Arlington, Va. 

Mrs. Reder is blessed with 11 grandchildren. She enjoys quilting, crafting, flower gardening and believes learning is a life-long pursuit. She looks forward to teaching Spanish at St. John School again. While teaching the Spanish language and the culture, she hopes to bring the students to a better understanding that we are all interdependent members of God’s Kingdom.