Meet Ms. Bruce

Morgan Bruce teaches art grades K-8. She encourages students to embrace and develop their creativity through the use of differing mediums, processes and technologies. From the first day of class, she expects students to be ambitious and participate in their own learning. Through openness, laughter, support, and conversation, she promotes a climate where students understand they are free to express themselves through their work. One of the most important aspects of Ms. Bruce’s pedagogy is fostering a creative atmosphere that prompts students to ask questions, explore mediums, and think critically.

Ms. Bruce joined St. John the Evangelist faculty in 2016. Previously, she worked for Fairfax County Public Schools before becoming a stay-at-home mom.

Ms. Bruce earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in art education from James Madison University with minors in special education and art history.  She holds a Virginia teaching certificate.

Aside from teaching, Ms. Bruce loves spending time outside, knitting, making jewelry, attending trapeze school, going on road trips, and creating adventures with her kids. She loves farm life and national parks.