Meet Mrs. Bartholomew

First Grade Water Cycle

First grade students learn about the water cycle.

Rachael Bartholomew is the first grade teacher. She also serves as our ThinkStretch coordinator, ensuring students stay on track over the summer. Mrs. Bartholomew believes in providing students with a warm and nurturing environment so they may experience the excitement and challenge of learning.  She encourages her students to be comfortable taking risks in front of their peers in order to build independence and self-esteem.  With this type of risk-taking, students are likely to pursue more difficult academic opportunities and welcome new challenges.

Mrs. Bartholomew joined St. John the Evangelist school in 2018. Prior to joining SJES, Mrs. Bartholomew taught pre-kindergarten locally and kindergarten and second grade at an independent school in New Jersey.

Mrs. Bartholomew earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from George Mason University. Mrs. Bartholomew has also completed her Virginia Catholic Education Association License.

Aside from teaching, Mrs. Bartholomew enjoys camping year-round with her family and friends, reading, and running. She is married and has two children, both of whom attend a Christian school in Manassas.