Welcome to Saint John the Evangelist School!

Thank you for your interest in St. John the Evangelist Catholic School! Our beautiful school was founded in 1960 by Fr. Robert E. O’Kane. It was initially headed by the Benedictine Sisters and served 63 students from kindergarten through fourth grade. The Sisters of Notre Dame became the new administrators in 1968 and St. John would later add seventh and eighth grade by 1978. Our current school was built in the mid 1980’s and the original school would become the preschool. The Sisters of Notre Dame remained active at St. John’s until 1997 and the school has since been staffed by lay personnel.

Our faculty is composed of life-long educators who work tirelessly for the children and consider their role a vocation and not simply a job. They use continuous professional development, student response tools, higher level thinking, and current instructional strategies to maximum each child’s potential. We have also added a special education teacher in order to address the wide variety of needs in our school. This, along with a math resource teacher and reading specialist, has allowed us to feel confident that we can meet each child’s unique needs. In terms of acceleration, we offer an honors math and literature class to the students who have excelled in their standardized testing and the classroom setting. All students have the opportunity for academic supplementation or receive in class support from our special educator and reading specialist.

All those considering St. John the Evangelist School will feel our nurturing environment upon entering the school. We are very proud of our history, traditions, and Catholic identity. We continue to develop our students into servant leaders by offering various opportunities to serve Christ, the sick, and those less fortunate. Our dress down days, after school clubs, and student of the month program continually aim to foster spiritual, academic, and emotional growth. Please stop by and visit to learn more about all that our school has to offer. May we continue to grow in God’s grace and wisdom.


Temple W. Macdonald