Dear Alumni,

Welcome to the Alumni page for St. John the Evangelist School. As we continue to move into the future, we wish to honor the past. It is you, as students of the past, who helped to shape the school we have today. Although the school has changed a lot in 50+ years of operation, we are pleased to proclaim that the education centers on the Catholic faith. The school now has classes at all levels from preschool through eighth grade. In addition, the school is supported with special curricular classes including Technology, PE, Spanish, Music, Art, and Library. The school offers Math Enrichment for grades K-5, Math and Reading Resource. The two newest programs at St. John the Evangelist are the pilot Gifted and Talented Program and the school-wide Science LabLearner program.

At the current time, St. John School is working to update the alumni data. In short, we want to hear from you. Take the time to send us a quick update. Please include your name, year of graduation, and contact information. In addition if you have any big news, please share it with us. The school’s Alumni Director, LuAnn Fine, will be compiling the information and passing the news to staff members. When you celebrate a milestone in life’s path, share it with us! This may be a graduation, marriage, birth of a baby, or a family move.

All alumni members are invited to continue to build relationships with St. John School. Take a few minutes to remember us in your prayers. Attend an Open House event, held in November and February. Drop in to visit and check out the changes in our building. Visit us during a parish event such as Oktoberfest. Come to a future alumni event. Visit the school calendar for more information. Finally, St. John School has a giving program. Those who may be interested in making a financial contribution may contact our office at 540-347-2458.

Thanks again for taking the time to visit. We look for forward to hearing from you often.


Temple Macdonald
Principal, St. John the Evangelist School