What is the program?

The Diocesan Tuition Assistance Program provides financial assistance to families in Catholic schools in the Diocese of Arlington through funding from diocesan parishes as well as the Rooted in Faith~Forward in Hope Capital Campaign Endowment. It is open to all qualified students whose parents might not otherwise be able to pay the full cost of tuition.

Who is eligible?

  • Students attending or accepted by a Diocese of Arlington Catholic School (K-12).
    • Preschool and Pre-K are not eligible.
    • Not applicable to students of private independent Catholic schools associated with the Diocese and/or international students.
  • Students who are Catholic and members of a parish in the Diocese of Arlington or military base parish.
  • Families who reside within the boundaries of the Diocese of Arlington and are registered and active members of a diocesan parish or a military base parish.

How do I apply?

  • Submit the financial aid assessment application and all supporting tax documentation by the due date. Applications will be completed electronically online through FACTS.
  • Families with students in Elementary AND High School should follow the high school due date.
  • Only one application and processing fee are required per family.
Apply Now

Due Dates

  • Elementary/Middle School students: March 13, 2024
    2023 Tax Forms Required
  • High School students: January 5, 2024
    If submitted by the due date, 2022 tax forms Required
    If submitted AFTER the due date, 2023 tax forms Required

*Families applying for financial aid for both high school AND elementary/middle school students will need to submit BOTH 2022 AND 2023 tax forms.


Awards are made for one academic year and are based on each family’s demonstrated financial need. Individual schools determine the amount and the distribution of all awards for each academic year. The schools will contact families when award decisions have been made. Once these final award decisions have been made, the schools will then credit the tuition accounts of approved families.

$3,809,000 Awarded in 2023

Additional information is available by contacting the school directly or by reviewing the Diocese of Arlingtons Tuition Assistance Program.

Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation

Through Virginia’s Education Improvement Scholarships Tax Credits program and as a result of tax credit donations, the Diocese of Arlington Scholarship Foundation is able to provide tuition scholarships to eligible students of lower-income families. Applicants must meet the published criteria.


  • The family must complete a financial aid assessment to verify income level.
  • Household income (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) cannot exceed 300% of the federal poverty guidelines.
    • For students with disabilities, the household income must be less than 400% of the federal poverty guidelines; the student must have a verified IEP.
    • Refer to the current Federal Poverty Guidelines Worksheet.
  • Applicants must be new to the Diocese of Arlington school system and residents of Virginia.
  • Applicants must be transferring from a public school, or from out of state, or enrolling in kindergarten or first grade.
  • Or, the recipient must have received this scholarship in a prior year.

Diocesan Scholarship Foundation eligibility is verified by the local school and submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools for consideration. Awards are limited by legislation and cannot exceed the cost of tuition.

St. Beatrice Special Tuition Assistance

Through a generous donor, this extra source of assistance is available for single-parent households and families with multiple children in diocesan schools.


  • Single-parent households and/or
  • Family with multiple children grades K-12 in diocesan schools
    • Preschool and PreK are not eligible
    • Students of private Catholic schools associated with the Diocese are not eligible
    • Students of schools outside the Diocese of Arlington are not eligible
  • Family must show greater than $0 FACTS Calculated Need

St. Beatrice Special Tuition Assistance eligibility is verified by the local school and submitted to the Office of Catholic Schools.