Saint John the Evangelist School first opened in 1960. The Stuyvesant School, established by Edwin B. King originally occupied the property. It did change ownership in 1949 due to Mr. King’s health. In 1954, the Stuyvesant School closed due to fires, dwindling enrollment, and the retirement of its founder.

Father Robert E. O’Kane became the new owner of the building and founded St. John the Evangelist School. The school opened in 1960, headed by the Benedictine Sisters. Initially, St. John had an enrollment of 63 students and held classes for kindergarten through fourth grade.

In 1968, the Sisters of Notre Dame became the new administrators of St. John the Evangelist School. By 1978, seventh and eighth grade classes had been added to the school. In 1987, St. John opened the current school building at 111 King Street now renamed John E. Mann Street. In the spring of 1997, the Sisters of Notre Dame left St. John and it has since been staffed by lay personnel.