Saint John the Evangelist School/Preschool has a continuous enrollment model in place, where families are automatically enrolled each school year unless they choose to opt out. Under Continuous Enrollment, one Registration Fee per family will be billed to the family’s account annually. The annual registration payment will be divided and included in the family’s remaining FACTS payments for the current school year, starting in March, to lessen the financial impact on each family’s monthly budget. Families who opt out before February 1 indicate their intent not to return to Saint John the Evangelist and will not be charged the registration fee.

What is Continuous Enrollment? How is it Different than Re-Enrollment?

Traditional enrollment models require families who wish to return to re-enroll every year — a process that can seem both tedious and stressful. Lots of paperwork. Continuous Enrollment allows us to create an opt-out process for annual enrollment, which reduces that stress and creates fewer steps for families who wish to remain with our school. Once a family signs their Tuition and Continuous Enrollment Agreement, they do not have to sign it again. 

Continuous Enrollment is a common-sense approach that most colleges follow and is being adopted by many Catholic schools nationwide. 

Continuous Enrollment Terms and Agreement 

There is a Tuition and Continuous Enrollment Agreement Form, found in the Enrollment Packet, that each family goes through when they first enroll with the school. The Continuous Enrollment Agreement only needs to be submitted once. Summary of agreement terms:

  • As a condition of Enrollment at Saint John the Evangelist School, a commitment is made to pay the tuition and personal/student fees. It is understood that these payments are due and payable to ensure the continued enrollment of the child(ren) in the school. In cases where tuition payments become delinquent for more than 60 days, a revised payment plan approved by the finance manager and principal must be included. Please note that student records cannot be released if tuition payments are not up-to-date. The school retains the right to take legal action for extended non-payment of tuition, and the family will be responsible for all collection costs.
  • It is understood that unless tuition is paid in full by July 1, a current FACTS Payment Plan agreement, as directed by the Finance Department, must be maintained. There is an agreement to fulfill all financial obligations promptly. In the event of financial difficulties, discussions will be initiated with the Finance Department to explore possible solutions to maintain current tuition payments.
  • The term of the student’s Continuous Enrollment begins with the signed Tuition and Continuous Enrollment Agreement. It continues automatically through the completion of eighth grade or, if necessary, until the official opt-out/withdrawal procedures are completed.
  • It is understood that Saint John the Evangelist School/Preschool will post new tuition amounts for the upcoming school year, the annual tuition deposit amount, and information regarding financial aid each January, providing no less than two weeks from the deadline to complete the opt-out/withdrawal procedures.
  • There is an agreement that the parent/guardian will update the student’s demographic information in the PowerSchool Student Information System by completing the Student Contacts form.
  • It is understood that a non-refundable and non-transferable tuition deposit will be charged to the family’s FACTS account in mid-February each year. Upon receiving this deposit, there is a commitment to paying the full tuition for the following school year.
  • To be eligible for the Catholic tuition rate, it is understood that active registration as a parishioner of Saint John the Evangelist Parish or another local Catholic parish is required.

Opt-Out of Tuition and Continuous Enrollment

The notification deadline for any changes in enrollment plans for a child/children is until the end of January each year. This can be done by completing an Opt-Out Form and notifying the Admissions Office.