Empowering Every Learner: Elevating Potential, Expanding Horizons

St. John the Evangelist School is committed to providing an inclusive and adaptive educational environment. Our approach ensures that students receive personalized attention, fostering both remediation for those who require additional support and acceleration for those who are ready to extend their learning beyond grade-level expectations. Our specialized team, comprising Resource, Creative Writing, Honors Math, and Honors Literature teachers, along with a Special Educator, works in unison to tailor and elevate our lesson plans, ensuring they meet the varied needs of our students effectively.

We embrace students of all ability levels, striving to create a nurturing and enriching educational experience for each child. We maintain a collaborative relationship with the Diocese and neighboring public and private schools, facilitating access to various ancillary resources. This cooperative approach allows us to provide a comprehensive support system tailored to meet the unique needs of each St. John student.

Many enrichment activities, sports, and community projects complement our academic offerings, providing students with opportunities to develop their talents and interests.