2022-2023 Tuition for Grades K-8

 Catholic * Other Faiths
One child$7,230$8,700
Two children$12,980$17,400
Three children$17,630$26,100
Four children$19,000$34,800

The school’s operating costs (salaries, supplies, utilities, maintenance, etc.) are more than the tuition that is paid. Since Catholic education is an important ministry of the Church, Saint John Parish provides a generous subsidy to the school, allowing tuition to be set at its current rate. In effect, each Catholic student receives a “scholarship” from Saint John Parish. This remarkable and sustained financial commitment to Catholic education is rare and allows as many students as possible to attain a Catholic education.

Additional Fees

  • One-time application fee (non-refundable):  $150.00 for new applicants only
  • Materials fee (non-refundable):  $250.00 for grades K-4, $400 for grades 5-8 (includes Chromebook fee)

The materials fee is due with re-registration by February 1st for returning families and May 15th for newly enrolled families. For returning families that have not returned their re-registration form with payment, the materials fee will be charged to your FACTS account in the middle of February. If a newly enrolled family has not paid the materials fee by the May 15th deadline, it will be charged to their FACTS account the last Friday in May. New SJES families who register over the summer months will also have the materials fee charged to their FACTS account before the start of the school year. If a newly enrolled family does not want to register online, they have the option of paying tuition (in full) before the school year begins.

Tuition Policy

A family’s tuition obligation continues even when the school shifts to an eLearning model. The education of each student continues with teachers planning and delivering lessons and assessing student progress. Report cards will be distributed at the end of each grading period. If a parent/guardian cannot make the regular tuition payment, the principal should be notified as soon as possible to create a payment plan.

Each year the parish Finance Committee sets the tuition for the following school year. FACTS Tuition Management Program collects tuition for the school. You will receive an invite from FACTS with the information necessary to enroll. Included in the invite will be the website you will need to access your tuition payment plan. Several payment plans are available. Please check your FACTS information for accuracy, and contact the parish Finance Manager, with any discrepancies. The Finance Manager can be reached at 540-347-2922 ext. 204.

Tuition Refund Policy

Tuition is an annual commitment. Prior to enrollment, a decision must be made to pay all tuition in full or determine a payment plan through the FACTS Management Program.

When a family commits to registering at Saint John the Evangelist School, the family will be responsible for the full payment of tuition for the first trimester. Effective the first day of Trimester 2, all registered families are financially obligated to pay tuition for the remainder of the school year.

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