Meet Mrs. Gould

As an experienced SPED teacher, Cathy Gould provides intensive academic remediation for individuals and small groups. Each student’s program is individualized as a result of collaboration between the parents and faculty. The student’s needs are accommodated through a variety of instructional strategies and assessments in order to achieve his or her potential.

Mrs. Gould joined St. John the Evangelist school in [Month Year]. Throughout her forty years of teaching, she has taught a variety of subjects across all grade levels in diverse educational environments. Previously, [work history].

Mrs. Gould earned a Bachelor of Science degree in special education from James Madison University and a M.Ed. specializing in learning disabilities from George Mason University. She is a certified [certification]. She holds a [license type] license with endorsements in [endorsement area if applicable].

Aside from teaching, Mrs. Gould enjoys [hobbies/family/etc].