Meet Mrs. Evans

Jill Evans is the third grade teacher. Mrs. Evans believes that living and teaching the Catholic
faith are my most important jobs. As such, we will pray, learn, and play together. She believes that
all children can learn and they do so in different ways. She encourages growth mindset thinking,
which is that each person can learn from their experiences. The focus is on learning rather than
the number score. Children are taught to reflect on their work and to always do their best on
their assignments. She shows each child respect and she expects that respect in return.

Mrs. Evans began teaching at St. John the Evangelist school in 2011. She has experience
teaching first through fifth grades and has spent time substituting at all grade levels from
kindergarten through eighth grade. Previously, she taught in Academy District 20 in Colorado
Springs and in Fauquier County Public Schools.

Mrs. Evans earned a Bachelor of Science degree in education and a minor in child day care
from James Madison University. She holds a state of Virginia professional license with
endorsements in Elementary Education PreK-6th.

Aside from teaching, Mrs. Evans enjoys attending daily Mass and doing things with her four
sons and her grandchildren. She also likes to play card games and puzzles. Currently, her free
time is taken up with classes for her master’s degree.