Dress Down Day for Cross Catholic Outreach

On Thursday October 31st, we will be holding a dress down day for Cross Catholic Outreach. Students are to bring a minimum of one item from their assigned category. Class categories are as follows:

Kindergarten and First Grade will bring in toys;
Second and Third Grade will bring school supplies;
Fourth Grade will bring in apparel;
Fifth Grade will bring in hygiene/home items;
Sixth Grade will bring in accessories;
Seventh Grade will bring in useful items; and
Eighth Grade will bring in hard candy.

Faculty and staff can choose any category. Download file below for gift ideas. Please disregard the “Key Reminders and “Personal Notes & Photos” sections. We simply ask that each student bring in at least one item from the assigned category and a volunteer will pack the items.

Students must follow the Dress Down Day Guidelines.

Students are permitted to wear Halloween accessories; however, we ask that students NOT wear costumes, masks, wigs, hair dye etc.

About Box of Joy:

Box of Joy is an annual Christmas gift ministry organized by local Catholic schools, parishes and groups across the United States and facilitated by Cross Catholic Outreach.  By packing Boxes of Joy with toys and other gifts, participants bless children suffering from extreme poverty by sharing the joy of Christmas and planting seeds of hope.

Learn more at www.CrossCatholic.org/BoxOfJoy