Many Gifts, One Nation: A Day of Giving

Many Gifts. One Nation. A day of giving to Catholic schools.

Update: Our First Annual Day of Giving was a huge success! Thank you to all our families who gave so generously during our 24 hour campaign. We reached our goal and a generous parishioner matched our goal so we raised over $10,000! Prizes will be announced on Monday.

Tuesday is the beginning of our first annual giving day!  On this day, in conjunction with Catholic schools across America, we will be participating in Many Gifts, One Nation:  A Day of Giving to Catholic schools scheduled for January 28th 12 pm to January 29th 12 pm. This time is set aside for friends, family and alumni to show support and give back to their local Catholic school.  We hope that you will show your support for St. John’s by donating during this 24 hour period.

You can also check us out on Facebook and Instagram for updates throughout the day!  Offline donations can be made directly to the school as well.  Every gift no matter how small will make a difference and is greatly appreciated!!!