E-Learning/Updated Return Date

Due to the evolving implications of the COVID-19 virus, our faculty and staff have been working diligently to develop distance learning plans. In light of community needs, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School will implement distance learning beginning today, Wednesday, March 18th through at least Friday, April 10th. We will reassess this decision once there is updated information provided by both the state and the Office of Catholic Schools. St. John School will be professionally disinfected and cleaned over the next few days while the school is closed. As of now, Fauquier County will be closed through Monday, April 13th. We will then begin our Easter Break and return on Monday, April 20th.  

E-Learning Plan:

The school will officially be operating under the distance learning model. If you need assistance with technology or have questions, please contact Mrs. Karhoff at lkarhoff@sjesva.org.

Teachers will include assignments to guide you during this transition.  In addition, our teachers will be in constant communication with you to answer any questions regarding lessons and assignments. Please be mindful that after 3:00 p.m. faculty and staff are not required to respond to emails until the next business day.

Our staff has been trained to use Google Classroom and we are ready to start.  All instructions will happen through Google Classroom and all special/resource teachers will also provide assignments through Google Classroom. Students/parents will be responsible for checking online and completing work as assigned. 

Some parents will be getting invites via email to Google Classroom.  Should you receive an invite, please click the Accept button. You will then get a daily email (M-F) of class activities, missing work, and upcoming work. All students that have email accounts should access Google Classroom through their students account.

There is a link to Google Classroom and the Parent Guide on our website.  If you have questions and need a place start, please check our website sjesva.org

Here is also a great site for all ages. https://www.breakoutedu.com/funathome

We know that this period of time comes with challenges but it also provides new opportunities for growth and learning.  We look to our parents to partner with us as we support our students in the distance learning model. Our faculty and staff will be here to work with you throughout the process.  We appreciate your flexibility and support. May we continue to pray, learn, and serve.

Mr. Macdonald