Dress Down Day for Cross Catholic Outreach

On Tuesday, October 27th, we will hold a Dress Down Day for Cross Catholic Outreach. Every year, thousands of poor children experience Christmas without hope. Burdened by poverty, their parents are simply too poor to provide anything but the most basic necessities. The gifts brought in by our St. John students will be packed in Boxes of Joy to show God’s unconditional love and spark the joy every child should experience at Christmas. More importantly, they are symbolic of God’s greatest gift, his son Jesus Christ. See Gift Ideas.  ​

Please note:

Kindergarten, First, and Second Grade will bring in Toys

Third and Fourth Grade will bring School Supplies

Fifth Grade will bring in Apparel

Sixth Grade will bring in Hygiene/Home items

Seventh Grade will bring in Accessories

Eighth Grade will bring in Useful Items.

Children are able to provide personal notes. Click here to download the activity page.

Please print the note and bring it in with the gift. Students are to bring a minimum of one item from their assigned category. Please see the DDD Guidelines.