Carpool Instructions

Morning Drop Off

  1. Enter the school grounds from John E. Mann Street
  2. Pull up in front of the school building
  3. Children should only exit the side of the car closest to the school building
  4. Proceed cautiously up the hill and exit onto Winchester Street
  5. Driving through the lower parking lot is dangerous and prohibited

Afternoon Carpool

  1. Enter the school grounds from Winchester Street
  2. Proceed down the hill forming two lines and wait facing John E. Mann Street
  3. Please keep in mind which direction you will turn onto John E. Mann Street when choosing a lane.
  4. If planning to turn LEFT onto John E. Mann Street, the traffic pattern at the top of the hill is as follows: proceed cautiously down the back aisle in the church parking lot, around the loop in front of the preschool building, and back to the hill. Stay on the left side of the hill.
  5. If planning to turn RIGHT onto John E. Mann Street, the traffic pattern is as follows: proceed cautiously down the front aisle of the church parking lot and down the hill on the right side.
Elementary School Carpool Map
Saint John the Evangelist School

Parents will be provided (2) two name placards at the beginning of the school year, they should be used on a daily basis for carpool. The name placard should be visible in your windshield for pickup. If the name placard is NOT available, you will be asked to provide your name, and picture ID to sign the child out of the school. This policy is to ensure the safety of each student in our school.

Anyone picking up or dropping off students at both arrival and dismissal is asked to refrain from using cell phones in the carpool line. This policy is for the safety of each child.

For preschool carpool instructions, click here.