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After-School Activities Cancelled

Dear Parents,

To remain consistent with Fr. Smith’s parish decision regarding activities, St. John the Evangelist Catholic School is cancelling all after school activities today. Due to our early release at 11:30am, extended day will be offered but please try to ensure all students are picked up as close to dismissal as possible.    

Currently, all Lenten suppers, Knight of Columbus activities, Easter Egg Hunt, etc. have all been cancelled or postponed. The Diocese of Arlington and public school systems (PWCS, Fairfax) have also cancelled outside activities.

Our faculty and staff will hold a Professional Development day on Monday, March 16th to receive an overview of Google Classroom and become increasingly familiar using online resources in the event that online instruction becomes necessary. It is my hope that our diocesan schools and Fauquier County will continue to operate as scheduled while cautiously monitoring activities and events.

We will continue to keep you updated as situations arise.  Take care and God bless