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Health Announcement

Dear St. John families,

St. John continues to communicate with the Office of Catholic School and monitor federal and government agencies to stay up to date on and aware of any risk that may impact our school.

Upon confirmation of the new coronavirus cases in Virginia, Virginia health officials said there is no evidence that the virus is spreading in Virginia and that the risk remains low. However, as this outbreak may continue to evolve, it will become more likely that an individual within our communities could potentially be exposed or become ill with coronavirus. Therefore additional precautions may become necessary. Future travel should be reconsidered and events may be cancelled within communities in the weeks ahead.

The Virginia Health Departments do not recommend school closures at this time. We are aware of the concerns about this virus and the impact on our communities. Updates will continue to be shared as information is made available to us. You can also monitor updates daily on the Virginia Health Departments website.

The safety of our students is our priority and travel abroad carries potential risks. Be aware that even a country not currently experiencing an outbreak could suddenly be declared a high-risk area, posing risks of exposure, difficulty with travel, or barriers upon return to the U.S.  Please also monitor the CDC travel recommendations.

We are asking for parents/guardians, faculty and staff to please notify schools of travel plans in an effort to continue to keep communities healthy. The areas of concern change daily and allowing us to know your plans will help us to work with you upon your return. Thank you for working with us to keep our school healthy and safe.

Have a blessed week,

Andrea Konsin, RN