Last Week of School, June 1-5

SJES Final Week of Fun

Monday, June 1st

Day of Reflection

Virtual school mass at 10:00 a.m. This will be followed by a household Rosary and writing on a psalm of our student’s choosing.
SJES Mass, June 1

Tuesday, June 2nd

Virtual Field Trips

Please see the attached list of virtual trips

Wednesday, June 3rd

Virtual Field Day

Please follow the link below to download the PDF file with all the event cards and the second link is for your official scorecard (please disregard the May 8 date). I will warn you there are a lot of events, 23 to be exact. Don’t worry, you do not have to do all of them. Students have been playing some for PE and hopefully have picked their favorites. Please do at least 10 events. Record your scores and have fun!  

We would love it if you would take a very short video of your family enjoying your favorite event so we can put together a collage of videos on “How St. John Spent Field Day, 2020”.  Send all videos to Ms. Ceci.  Thank you for participating and have fun!

Event Cards


Check out the Field Day video.

Virtual Talent Show

Students have shared their talents and projects. Videos will be posted on our new blog site. For more details on joining the blog site and submitting videos, click here.

SJES Blog Site

Thursday, June 4th

Kindergarten Graduation

The graduation video can be seen on the SJES Blog site.

If you have not yet joined the blog site, click here to creat an account.

Friday, June 5th

Curbside Pickup

Report cards, Yearbooks, K-4 Think Stretch packets, 5-8 Summer Reading, can all be picked up curbside from 9:00 a.m.-11:00 a.m. We are asking that every family come to the school only in their vehicle to drop-off/pick-up end of year information. Please remind your child(ren) that the school building is currently closed to the public and drop-off/pick-up will need to be held curbside, similar to previous drop-off/pick-ups we have held. 

Follow morning carpool drop-off procedures and enter from John E. Mann Street.  Please pull your car up to the side of the school building and remain in your car at all times. Masks and gloves will be worn by faculty and staff. Faculty and staff members will be following social distancing procedures. The process may be slow due to social distancing, so we appreciate your patience with this process.

In hopes of providing some used uniforms to families that may need financial assistance, we will be accepting used uniforms. Please ensure all clothing is neatly secured within its bag, so it is easy for faculty and staff to retrieve items.

8th Grade Farewell Parade 11:30 am

Thank you all for your continued partnership and support of Catholic Education.  Let us continue to pray, learn, and serve. 

SJES Administration, Faculty, and Staff